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Everyone else is like, “Sanic was in Steven Universe!” Yeah, that’s cool, but honestly…


Steven Universe and Utena? Two of my favorite things, right there, folks.

(Oh hey, first time making gifs.)

Help Keep an Awesome Webcomic Alive


I usually don’t use my tumblr to spread awareness on stuff, but there are a couple of projects going on that I think need more support (the second project will come up in a few days). 

There’s this awesome webcomic called Sire that I’ve been following for a couple of years now.  It’s a mystery webcomic in a world where famous book characters have “connections” to people in the real world which affect their daily lives.  The main characters themselves have a connection to a certain famous scientist/murdering psychopath. It’s at five chapters now so you know the basic setup, it has an interesting plot, and the artwork has gotten a lot better over time. 

I’ve met the author a couple of times, and she’s super nice and hard working. I also know she’s busy with her job and her two other webcomics (Evil Plan and MorphE, both of which I also highly recommend).  The patreon account is set up so that if she receives $30 a week, she can take a day off of her work and work on Sire. Without it, she’ll have to stop the comic. 

I would love to see this webcomic continue, but I can only contribute so much money. So I’m hoping some of my followers will see this and maybe try to spread the word. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of Sire!

Link to the Patreon Account.