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Volume One is available for preorder now, and they’ll ship in early December. I’m doing this so I know how many copies to order from the printer, and so that I don’t have to rush the ink drawings in the “special edition” volumes.

If you’re interested in a story with plenty of emotional horror, humor, and homages to many other tales, you can order Volume One in my comic shop here.

And if you prefer to try before you buy, you can check out Sire on its fashionable website here.

  • me at an anime convention in full cosplay: look at all these fucking NERDS


This was all that was running through my head at this scene.


'Bill Cipher and Tyrone'

Here it is. I worked on this on and off for a couple of nights. The original filename was ‘Charlie Adler is Bill Cipher’. I’ve been watching a buttload of Cow and Chicken in the office just for the lols and I’m still impressed at how Charlie Adler voiced the titular characters and the villain for the show, much like Alex Hirsch voiced Bill, Stan, and Soos in Gravity Falls. And then I thought…what if Charlie Adler voiced Bill and…not Alex Hirsch? See for yourself. I already lost count at how many times I cracked up while making this.


***I DO NOT own any part of the audio used in this. I only did this for fun.

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”We’re gonna have to break in”

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